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Richie Castellano Official Website

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Steve "Woody" La Cerra
(BOC Front of House Soundman, musician & songwriter)

Rudy Sarzo
(BÖC 2008-2012 bassist)

Danny Miranda
(BÖC 1995-2004 bassist)

Bobby Rondinelli
(BÖC 1994-98 drummer)

John O'Reilly
(BÖC 1995-1996 drummer)

John Miceli
(BÖC 1992-93 drummer)

Chuck Burgi
(BÖC 1991-1992 drummer)

Greg Smith
(BÖC 1985 bassist)

Ron Riddle
(BÖC 1987-1991 drummer), Film composer

Tommy Zvoncheck
(BÖC 1985-87 keyboardist)

Joe Bouchard
(BÖC 1972-1986 bassist)

Albert Bouchard
(BÖC 1972-1981, 1985 drummer)

John Shirley
(Sci-Fi writer; "Heaven Forbid" and "Curse of the Hidden Mirror" lyricist)

Equipment BÖC uses:

Engl Amplification
Guitar Amplifiers

Taye Drums
Taye Drums

Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers

Line 6 Wireless
Guitar Wireless

Dean Markley Strings
Guitar and Bass strings


Line 6 Wireless
Guitar Wireless

Dean Markley Strings
Bass strings


LeCover Cases
Musical equipment covers

DiMarzio Pickups
Guitar pickups

LaBella Strings
Guitar Strings

Other useful BÖC sites:

The Blue Oyster Cult Giglopaedia
The definitive past-gig listings