Molten-fingered lead guitarist Buck Dharma (a.k.a. Donald Roeser) is every bit as mesmeric out from under the Cult logo. Maybe more so. Flat Out is like the cream of a good Cult LP.   
- Parke Puterbaugh, Rolling Stone  

Everything that is "right" with the Cult, the melody, the biting smoothness and the unique spark, are all personified on Flat Out. 
- Chris Watts, Kerrang! 

no information available.   Videos: Born To Rock, Your Loving Heart
Born to Rock Donald Roeser, Neal Smith
That Summer Night Donald Roeser
Cold Wind Donald Roeser
Your Loving Heart Donald Roeser, Sandy Roeser
Five Thirty-Five Donald Roeser
Wind Weather and Storm Donald Roeser, R. Meltzer
All Tied Up Donald Roeser
Anwar's Theme Donald Roeser
Come Softly to Me Gretchen Christopher, Barbara Ellis, Gary Troxel