"Let's ignite the fizgigs of joy and dance in circles of danger, cause those boys from the sweet underside of the white underbelly, those stalkers of the rock forest, have once again given us leave to grab up the torches of velocity and render a few more cities on flame wtih rock 'n' roll." 
-Joe Fernbacher, Creem 

"Revolution by Night is unrelenting, high-voltage, nocturnal myth-making."   
- Mark Peel, Record Review 

Billboard's Top 200 albums:  
16 weeks on the chart.  

Entered Nov 26, 1983, last appearance Mar 10, 1984  
Peaked at #93: Feb 11, 1984.

7" single:  
Shooting Shark / Dragon Lady   

3 weeks on chart. Peaked at #83 Feb 25, 1984 

Shooting Shark 

Take Me Away Eric Bloom, Aldo Nova
Eyes On Fire Gregg Winter
Shooting Shark Donald Roeser, Patti Smith
Veins Donald Roeser, Richard Meltzer
Shadow of California Joe Bouchard, Neal Smith, Sandy Pearlman
Feel the Thunder Eric Bloom
Let Go Eric Bloom, Donald Roeser, Ian Hunter
Dragon Lady Donald Roeser, Broadway Blotto
Light Years of Love Joe Bouchard, Helen Wheels