In Europe this record was renamed "Champions of Rock" and acquired a new cover with a vintage band photo. In 2002 the same recordings were released again in Europe, this time with the title "E.T.I. Revisited" but this record is most likely a bootleg, or a grey market release.
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Donald Roeser
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Donald Roeser, Sandy Pearlman
ME 262 Sandy Pearlman, Eric Bloom, Donald Roeser
This Ain't The Summer of Love Murray Krugman, Albert Bouchard, Donald Waller
Burnin' For You Donald Roeser, Richard Meltzer
O.D.'d on Life Itself Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard, Joe Bouchard, Sandy Pearlman
Flaming Telepaths Albert Bouchard, Eric Bloom, Sandy Pearlman, Donald Roeser
Godzilla Donald Roeser
Astronomy Joe Bouchard, Albert Bouchard, Sandy Pearlman
Cities on Flame  Sandy Pearlman, Donald Roeser, Albert Bouchard
Harvester of Eyes Donald Roeser, Eric Bloom, Richard Meltzer
Buck's Boogie Donald Roeser
(Don't Fear) The Reaper 
(TV mix)
Donald Roeser
Godzilla (TV mix) Donald Roeser