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May 30, 2023

50th Anniversary Live Release


Frontiers Music s.r.l. is pleased to announce that they have secured the rights to release the entire set of shows that Blue Öyster Cult held at Sony Hall in NYC in celebration of the band's 50th Anniversary in September 2022.

BÖC celebrated their historic career milestone performing three sold-out shows in a row. Each show featured the band playing in its entirety one of their first three albums ("Blue Öyster Cult," "Tyranny And Mutation," and "Secret Treaties"), followed by a set of deep cuts and classics from their other albums. Founding member Albert Bouchard was a special guest on all three nights, as well.

The Frontiers label will release each night as a special individual package, starting with the first night, before the end of 2023. But the good news for their fans is not over!

Blue Öyster Cult are working to make their fans a very special gift, the details of which will be revealed in due course. It will delight both longtime and more recent fans, and show the commitment that the Frontiers label has for the timeless music of these true Rock giants. More details on this project, which promises to be truly special and unique will be released at a later date.

For over five decades, Blue Öyster Cult has been thrilling fans of intelligent hard rock worldwide with powerful albums loaded with classic songs. Indeed, the Long Island, NY-based band is revered within the hard rock and heavy metal scene for its pioneering work. They occupy a unique place in rock history, because it's one of very few hard rock/heavy metal bands to earn both genuine mainstream critical acclaim and commercial success.

The band is often cited as a major influence by other acts such as Metallica, and BÖC was listed in VH1's countdown of the greatest hard rock bands of all time.

Upon the release of BÖC's self-titled debut album in 1972, the band was praised for its catchy-yet-heavy music and lyrics that could be provocative, terrifying, funny or ambiguous, often all in the same song.

BÖC's canon includes three stone-cold classic songs that will waft through the cosmos long after the sun has burned out: The truly haunting "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" from 1976's "Agents Of Fortune", the pummeling "Godzilla" from 1977's "Spectres" and the hypnotically melodic "Burnin' for You" from 1981's "Fire Of Unknown Origin." Other notable BÖC songs include "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll," "Then Came the Last Days of May," "I Love the Night," "In Thee," "Veteran of the Psychic Wars," "Dominance and Submission," "Astronomy," "Black Blade" and "Shooting Shark."

The intense creative vision of BÖC's original core duo of vocalist/lead guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Eric Bloom is complemented by Richie Castellano on guitar and keyboards, and the longtime rhythm section of bass guitarist Danny Miranda and drummer Jules Radino.

"We realized we're a 'classic rock' band. That's what we are, that's what we do best, and that's what we know," declares the band.

They're proud of BÖC's classic sound, and pleased the band is creating vibrant work for disenfranchised music lovers who don't like the homogenized, prefabricated pop or sound-alike, formulaic rap-metal that monopolizes the radio airwaves and best-seller charts.

BÖC has always maintained a relentless touring schedule and an album of new material, "The Symbol Remains," was released October 9th, 2020, to rave reviews.

October 28, 2022


Festival will be held August 26, 2023 in Nottinghamshire, England

Blue Öyster Cult will be appearing next summer at the Stonedead Festival at Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire, England. BÖC will be joined by Therapy?, The Answer, King King, Mason Hill, Deraps, South of Salem, with more bands to be announced.

Tickets are on sale now! Buy Tickets

August 18, 2022


Sept. 21, 22 & 23 at Sony Hall in NYC

All three nights of BÖC's 50th Anniversary celebration at Sony Hall in NYC have sold out! Each show features the band playing one of their first three albums in its entirety, followed by a set of deep cuts and classics from their other albums.

Founding member Albert Bouchard will be a special guest on all three nights, as well.

VIP ticketholders will be treated to an opportunity to purchase rare memorabilia in "Eric & Steve's Garage Sale," as well as a poster of the event signed by the band.

Thank you to all the fans and supporters over the years, as the band celebrates 50 years since its first album was released!

February 23, 2021


Newbury Comics limited silver vinyl edition The Symbol Remains

Newbury Comics has announced a special, limited edition vinyl release of Blue Öyster Cult's "The Symbol Remains"! Limited to 300 copies, this 2xLP, 180g, gatefold, Silver Vinyl is available exclusively from Newbury and will be released on March 12, 2021.

Preorders are open! Preorder yours today at Newbury Comics LTD Silver Vinyl "The Symbol Remains".

January 14, 2021


BOC Live 83 Released on CD

Last year's Black Friday Record Store Day release, "Blue Öyster Cult Live '83," is now available as a CD- previously this release was available only on vinyl. This great show features 13 songs recorded live at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, CA. The album is also available on a 2x LP black & blue swirl vinyl (the original Record Store Day release).

Order the CD of Blue Öyster Cult Live '83

January 8, 2021


Preorder for February 26 release

Some Enchanted Evening vinyl reissue for Europe

Music On Vinyl announces a European vinyl reissue of "Some Enchanted Evening," Blue Öyster Cult's terrific 1978 live album. The record will be released on February 26. It will be pressed on 180g audiophile vinyl (black), and will include an insert. This release comes on the heels of their re-release of "Fire of Unknown Origin" last December, and previous releases of "Agents of Fortune" and the eponymously-titled first album (on transparent blue vinyl).

Preorders are open! To locate a store to preorder "Some Enchanted Evening" or view and buy any of the earlier vinyl re-releases, visit the BÖC catalog on the Music on Vinyl site.

December 10, 2020


The Symbol Remains named in top 10 records of 2020

Blue Öyster Cult's "The Symbol Remains" was named one of the top 10 albums of 2020 by Classic Rock Magazine.

"The Symbol Remains" is topping many other best-of-year lists, and deservedly so!
Get your copy here:

The Symbol Remains album cover

December 4, 2020


Available on CD+DVD, BluRay and 2xLP

Blue Oyster Cult Rock of Ages Festival 2016 album cover art
Blue Oyster Cult Rock of Ages Festival 2016 album cover art

Just released! "Live At Rock Of Ages Festival 2016" and A Long Day's Night

On "Live at Rock of Ages 2016," you'll hear BÖC treating the crowd in Seebronn, Germany to an extremely solid and memorable performance that kicks off with "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" and closes with their timeless hit, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." In between, the band delivers with hot takes on gems like "Burnin' For You," "Golden Age Of Leather," "Then Came The Last Days Of May," and "Godzilla." The set is now available for fans to enjoy, both with their ears and eyes, in the comfort of their own home.

Watch a performance of "Harvest Moon" from the release!Still image from Harvest Moon Live video

Now available! Order "Live at Rock of Ages Festival 2016"

For tracklisting and further information visit The News page.

Also released today is the restored and remastered A Long Day's Night. So titled because it took place during the summer solstice, this memorable show captures guitarist/vocalists Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma, keyboardist/guitarist Allen Lanier, and their bandmates in front of a revved-up crowd with Cult classics like "Burnin' for You," "Last Days of May," "Godzilla," and, of course, "(Don't Fear) the Reaper." The show was originally recorded live on June 21, 2002 at the Navy Pier / Skyline Stage in Chicago, and celebrates their phenomenal career up until that point in time.

The audio of "A Long Day's Night" was completely restored and remastered to achieve a stunning new listening experience, and in addition to over two hours of live music, it also includes rare interview footage, behind the scenes coverage, fan interviews, bio and discography information. This release is available from Frontiers Music Srl outside of North and South America.

Order "A Long Day's Night"

Still image from Long Days Night restoration video

Watch the behind the scenes video with the producers of the 2020 reissue of "A Long Day's Night,"" as they describe the process of restoring and remastering the Blue Öyster Cult 30th anniversary show from Chicago in 2002.

Order "Live At Rock of Ages Festival 2016"

Order "A Long Day's Night"

Visit The News for tracklisting and further information.

November 5, 2020

Accolades for "The Symbol Remains"

Blue Oyster Cult photo

This new archival release comes on the heels of the band's well received new studio album, "The Symbol Remains," which was released on October 9, 2020. The album landed on the Billboard charts at #1 Current Hard Music Albums, #4 Current Rock Albums, #4 Independent Current Albums, #10 Top Current Albums, #12, Billboard Top Albums. and #192 Billboard Top 200, among others. The album also landed in the Top 50 in Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, and the UK. Fans and critics alike have embraced the band's return with new material, with Classic Rock Magazine saying "there's something for everybody on this very solid return to past glories."

Watch all four music videos from "The Symbol Remains" at the links below:

Band photo by Mark Weiss

October 19, 2020

Charts around the world!

"The Symbol Remains" making a splash!

Billboard Album Charts
Worldwide Album Charts

Thanks to Emily Wilson for the chart graphics!


  • #192 - Billboard 200
  • #86 - Billboard Artist 100
  • #36 - Independent Albums
  • #12 - Album Sales
  • #10 - Current Album Sales
  • #10 - Hard Rock Albums


  • #117 - Top 200 Album Chart
  • #8 - Top 100 Indie Chart
  • #5 - Top 40 Rock Chart
  • #31 - Scottish Albums


  • #64 - SNEP


  • #31 - Physical/Streaming
  • #4 - Physical only
  • #5 - Vinyl
  • #2 - Rock/Metal


  • #40 - Official Top 100


  • #17 - Physical/Streaming
  • #3 - Physical only


  • #186 - Ultratop Flanders
  • #27 - Ultratop Wallona

"The Symbol Remains" has been making inroads on the charts worldwide! Thank you for your support!

October 9, 2020


Blue Öyster Cult's New Album has arrived

This is the link to order to buy or stream the new album: Buy "The Symbol Remains" as CD, LP or download/stream


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4 in CDs & Vinyl (See Top 100 in CDs & Vinyl) #2 in Rock (CDs & Vinyl)

The wait is over... The new Blue Öyster Cult album, "The Symbol Remains" is officially released, along with a new video for the song "The Alchemist."

With 14 new songs, Blue Öyster Cult's new album, "The Symbol Remains," is packed with killer riffs, sweet harmonies, crunchy guitars and a dash of twang. The album captures, at long last, the creative side of a band that has been playing shows on the road consistently for nearly two decades. "Symbol" offers a palette of sonic variety and interesting song topics, including sword and sorcery, vampires, modern technology, and apathetic bar brawls, courtesy of lyricist John Shirley, a frequent contributor to the band's later catalogue, as well as O.G. back-in-the-day writer Richard Meltzer-author of some of BÖC's most cryptic lyrics. And a special surprise with an appearance of founding member Albert Bouchard, who returns to add percussion (cowbell, of course) and backing vocals to the opening track, "That Was Me."

A genuine epic.

Lead guitarist Buck Dharma wrote six of the tracks, including "Box In My Head," an earworm of a song that is rich in melody and intricate vocal harmonies. Of the contributions by guitarist Richie Castellano, the palace intrigue in the lyric of "The Alchemist," based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, matches perfectly with the sinister music, and is a standout track. Jules Radino also contributes a song with the hard-rocking "There's A Crime."

The fire's origin remains unknown, but the Symbol Remains the same for an ageless Blue Öyster Cult in 2020. Never pretenders and certainly not now, BÖC's authenticity is what's made them an enduring treasure of rock 'n' roll.

Mixed by master mix engineer Tom Lord-Alge, the album packs a punch and is extremely diverse yet continually rocks hard. Blue Öyster Cult is BACK!

It's really f—ing good, and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT suddenly sound transformed anew, into a slightly slicker but no less thunderous version of the band that brought us such seminal cornerstones as "Tyranny and Mutation", "Agents of Fortune" and "Spectres".

Both Dharma and Castellano share lead guitar duties, weaving in and around each other, their personal styles representing both the classic melodic and modern styles of guitar playing.

The album is available on CD, 2xLP, Limited Edition Color 2xLP (white vinyl has limited remaining copies), and Digital formats.

Click here to buy "The Symbol Remains"

October 9, 2020

Video for "The Alchemist" premieres!

Fourth Video from the new album "The Symbol Remains"-both released today!

Still image from The Alchemist video

Along with the release of "The Symbol Remains" comes the fourth video-"The Alchemist" is a song written by Eric Bloom and Richie Castellano, and portrays the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name. Featuring Eric Bloom on the lead vocal, and a twin guitar volley between Richie Castellano and Buck Dharma, the song fits in perfectly with the best of Blue Öyster Cult's songs.

Watch "The Alchemist video.

Watch the video for the other three singles:
"That Was Me"
"Box In My Head,"
"Tainted Blood,"

The album is available on CD, 2xLP, Limited Edition Color 2xLP, and Digital formats.
Click here to order "The Symbol Remains"

September 25, 2020

Blue Öyster Cult Unleash their New Music Video for "Tainted Blood"

Third Video for upcoming album "The Symbol Remains"

Still image from Tainted Blood video

With just a little over two weeks until the new album, "The Symbol Remains," releases on October 9, Blue Öyster Cult has released their third music video, this time for the song "Tainted Blood," which features Richie Castellano on the lead vocal.

Watch the new "Tainted Blood" video.

Watch the video for the other two singles:
"That Was Me", which came out on September 1, and features Eric Bloom on lead vocals, and
"Box In My Head," which came out on September 10 and features Buck Dharma on the lead vocal.

The album is available on CD, 2xLP, Limited Edition Color 2xLP, and Digital formats.
Click here to order "The Symbol Remains"

September 10, 2020

Blue Öyster Cult Release Video for "Box In Your Head"

Second Video for upcoming album "The Symbol Remains"

Today brings the release of Blue Öyster Cult's new video, for the song "Box In My Head."
Still image from Box In My Head video
The new album, "The Symbol Remains," is now just a month away from release on October 9th!
Watch the new "Box In My Head" video.

Watch the video for the other single, "That Was Me", which came out on September 1, and features Eric Bloom on lead vocals!

The album is available on CD, 2xLP, Limited Edition Color 2xLP, and Digital formats.
Click here to order "The Symbol Remains"

TOMORROW! October 3! BÖC Live!

Blue Öyster Cult will be playing at the Vinoski Winery in Rostraver, PA this Saturday! Yes, you read that right! For more info visit the Vinoski Winery site, or Click here to buy tickets

September 1, 2020

Blue Öyster Cult Release New Music Video

"That Was Me" Video Features Special Guest Appearance
Taken From Upcoming New Album, "The Symbol Remains"

still from the That Was Me video

As previously announced, Blue Öyster Cult will release their first new album in nearly two decades, "The Symbol Remains" on October 9, 2020. Today, the band has released a music video for the single 'That Was Me'. Watch "That Was Me" video. Both the song (as it appears on the album) and video feature a special guest appearance on backing vocals and cowbell...

Fans can hear another new song, "Box In My Head" HERE: Listen to "Box In My Head" and/or on their favorite digital music service.

The album is available on CD, 2xLP, Limited Edition Color 2xLP, and Digital formats. Click here to order "The Symbol Remains"

Ten releases in 2020!

To the fans' delight, BÖC welcomed *ten* releases in 2020, including their first album of new music since 2001-The Symbol Remains, which arrived on October 9th.

The ten 2020 releases include re-releases of "Heaven Forbid," "Curse of the Hidden Mirror," and a remastered and restored "Long Day's Night," plus five live video/records: "Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014," "40th Anniversary Agents of Fortune - Live 2016," and "iHeart Radio N.Y.C. 2012," "Live at Rock of Ages Festival 2016," and "45th Anniversary Live in London," and which features the band playing the entirety of their first eponymous album, as well as a selection of other fan favorites. The Symbol Remains was released on CD and vinyl, including six limited edition colors (clear, blue, green, white, purple and turquoise), in addition to black. Each of the live recordings are available as CD+DVD, BluRay or on Vinyl, and the re-release studio albums ("Cult Classic," "Heaven Forbid," and "Curse of the Hidden Mirror") are available on CD and, for the first time ever, on vinyl. 2020 was a good year to be a Blue Öyster Cult fan!

Click on an album to order!

Blue Oyster Cult album Hard Rock Cleveland 2014 Blue Oyster Cult album Cult Classic Blue Oyster Cult album Agents of Fortune Live 2016 Blue Oyster Cult album Heaven Forbid Blue Oyster Cult album Curse of the Hidden Mirror Blue Oyster Cult album iHeart Radio NYC 2012 Blue Oyster Cult album 45th Anniversary Live in London Blue Oyster Cult album The Symbol Remains Blue Oyster Cult album Rock of Ages Festival 2016 Blue Oyster Cult album Long Days Night

October 9, 2020

Official Release Day is Here!

"The Symbol Remains" has arrived

The Symbol Arrives album cover


June 12, 2020


Blue Oyster Cult album iHeart Radio NYC 2012


June 12, 2020


Blue Oyster Cult album Curse of the Hidden Mirror


April 21, 2020

Lockdown 'Zilla

A special remote version of Godzilla!

Blue Oyster Cult performs Godzilla remotely


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